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ICLEI South Asia held the first Pilot Workshop and Stakeholders meet for the AsianCitiesAdapt project in Kochi. The Workshop focused on the local level adaptation initiatives undertaken to reduce the risk of climate change impacts especially in the targeted project cities – Kochi, as one of the project cities provided a learning experience. We hope that having worked in 4-odd cities under the project; we will be able to replicate the initiatives in nine other cities under which we are working in India to help improve capacities of local governments to respond to impacts of climate change adaptation.
Emani Kumar Executive Director



AsianCitiesAdapt Pilot workshop in Kochi

The first Pilot workshop on AsianCitiesAdapt - impacts of climate change in target cities in India and the Philippines and local adaptation strategies was held in Kochi, Kerala, between July 13 and 14, 2011. The workshop, organized by ICLEI South Asia along with IIT Delhi, focused on the climate change impacts at the regional and city level, especially in the project cities, and the local level adaptation initiatives.


ICLEI World Congress
Belo Horizonte, Brazil, May29-June1, 2012

The ICLEI World Congress takes place just days before the Rio+20 Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, marking two decades since the adoption of Agenda 21 and thus the movement of local governments taking up the charge of sustainability. ICLEI Mentor Campaign invites members to join the campaign to invite your non-ICLEI member, partner cities, local governments, and municipalities to join ICLEI at the World Congress 2012.

For more information contact: ICLEI Membership Team:



SWITCH Training Kit
Designed for training workshops and also for individual reading, the SWITCH Training Kit has been developed by ICLEI European Secretariat along with SWITCH partners to show how Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) can make difference in confronting the intimidating future of water systems in cities.

To download and read more log on to: www.switchtraining.eu

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Gurgaon city is the latest ICLEI member in South Asia

Gurgaon, one of the priority cities in Haryana state because of diversity in population, and rapid industrial and commercial growth and also a major commercial hub in the Delhi NCR region, is the latest member of ICLEI in the South Asia region. ICLEI South Asia has been working with this city to developed its Solar Cities master plan under the the ‘Development of Solar Cities’ programme of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s (MNRE), Government of India.

Thimphu city advances towards Realising DReAMS

Under the Realising DReAMS project, the second field visit was held between July 28 and 30, 2011 in Thimphu. ICLEI South Asia facilitated the visit and interaction between the municipal corporations of Thimphu and Guntur. Opportunities for taking forward the partnership of ICLEI South Asia, Guntur and Thimphu through the project initiatives were discussed in the presence of the Mayor and Executive Secretary of Thimphu Thromde as well as the Municipal Commissioner of Guntur. The Local implementation Team (LIT) for the project has been revised for the implementation of the master budget.Further information, Click More

The Urban Climate Project comes to a close

The Urban Climate Project (UCP) funded by the United States Department of State (USDoS) has come to a close in June. ICLEI South Asia and along with project partner ICLEI USA and support from NIUA helped in the successful implementation of various interventions in the two project cities, Coimbatore and Rajkot. In Coimbatore, under one of the initiatives, a pilot study of Coimbatore Municipal Corporation's (CMC) 19 tube wells was carried out. Based on the results of the pilot energy audit, the CMC implemented the recommendations made in the pilot audit report. These recommendations were implemented in 2011.

The Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) also implemented various initiatives under the project. RMC plans to make solar powered billboards mandatory in the city. Under one the such initiative to serve as a pilot demonstration project, a 160 Wp solar powered bill board has been displayed at the RMC’s Central Zone. Under the same project, Rajkot had also adopted Waste Water Reuse byelaws in a testing phase to check the on-ground benefits. A pilot project was adopted to showcase the benefits of implementing the byelaws through an innovative technology. The system was commissioned in May 2011 and is functioning well.
Further information, Click More



Delhi city launches green cover drive

Member city Delhi has launched 'a million tree plantation' drive to increase the green cover in the city. Municipal Corporation of Delhi, along with Delhi Metro, New Delhi Municipal Council, Delhi Development Authority, and non-governmental organizations will be involved in this one-and-half-month campaign. Free saplings are being distributed across Delhi for this campaign. The government will also work with schools and Residents’ Welfare Associations who will participate in the plantation drive.

Bhubaneswar city's street lights to get global touch

Member city Bhubaneswar has joined hands with International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private lending arm of the World Bank, to improve the street lighting systems. IFC will work with the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation and provide technical assistance on improving energy efficient street lighting in the city. IFC would monitor, arrange finance and select an agency to help convert the city conventional street lights into light-emitting-diode (LED) lights.

Ahmedabad city to have 50 new town planning schemes

In order to further sustainable development in the city, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is preparing around 50 new town planning schemes, which will help the civic body in providing basic amenities such as roads, water, drainage and street lights. The civic body will prepare these schemes covering the old and the new areas of the city in three years through surveys and mapping work. The town planning schemes being prepared by the AMC would be implemented after final approval from the state urban development department.

Rajkot to develop ‘green’ public transport

To improve the infrastructure development and public transport system of the city the Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) is to develop an environment and people-friendly transport system for the city. It aims to identify priority transport investment sectors to strengthen key institution’s capacity in the management and service of the transport sector to provide sustainable and safe mobility in the city. A world class transport, use of non-motorized modes and controlled growth in the use of individual private transport would be encouraged in the city.

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