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ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability is pleased to weave Gross National Happiness (GNH) into its strategic goal of creating Healthy and Happy Communites. An initiative first coined by Bhutan’s former king Jigme Singye Wangchuk in 1972, GNH uses the quality of life or “happiness” as a more holistic - and not merely economic - indicator of a country’s well-being. We welcome Bhutan’s guidance in modelling this initiative, and developing a training module based on its founding principles. The training module will be implemented across local authorities globally.
Emani Kumar Executive Director


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

- Margaret Mead (1901-1978)

Cultural anthropologist, Writer


ADB Urban Forum 2011: Financing Future Cities
November 15-17, 2011, Manila, Philippines

On from November 15-17 in Manila, the Phillipines, the ADB Urban Forum, in partnership with ICLEI will address how - while maintaining economic growth - investments can be made to foster sustainable and inclusive development. Asian cities need financial support to be able to enjoy a quality of life with access to basic services, shelter and employment while being resilient to climate change.

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Latest TEEB city manual launched
The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) Manual for Cities: Ecosystem Services in Urban Management highlights how a focus on ecosystem services and their assessment can create direct benefits for urban areas, ones that can be performed even with limited resources.

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ICLEI to pursue Gross National Happiness
in South Asia

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability wants to integrate Gross National Happiness (GNH) into its activities in South Asia and other parts of the world. To take this forward, Emani Kumar, executive director of ICLEI South Asia, visited Thimphu to discuss the development of a training module on GNH as a developmental approach, one that may be used for the pursuit of happiness in the region.
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ICLEI’s FutureCityLeaders capacity building program

FutureCityLeaders, a new initiative, calls for applications to a two-year capacity building program for 21 young mayors and council members. The initiative, endorsed by UN-HABITAT and the World Mayors Council on Climate Change, encourages municipal leaders up to the age of 35 from developing and developed countries to apply. The deadline for applications is 30 September 2011.Further information, Click More

Tenali latest ICLEI member in South Asia

With over 45 ICLEI members in the region, of which 34 are in India, Tenali municipality in Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh is the latest ICLEI member in South Asia. Formed in 1909, the developmental initiatives in the city include building a clean and green zone, and improving the water supply and drainage systems.Further information, Click More

Bhubaneswar to be Orissa’s first solar city

Bhubaneswar is the first city in Orissa to be developed as a solar city under the ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) Development of Solar Cities programme. The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) signed an MoU with ICLEI South Asia on August 17 for the preparation of a master plan for the city under this programme. ICLEI South Asia will also help BMC establish a solar city cell in the city once the master plan is in place.
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New HEAT+ tool to be a multi-country version
in six languages

ICLEI has revised the Harmonised Emissions Analysis Tool (HEAT) tool and is now in the final stages of re-engineering it. HEAT is software that was designed to help users plan local greenhouse gas and air pollution emission reduction. Now - with the support of the ICLEI South Asia, ICLEI World Secretariat and GIZ - HEAT has been being upgraded to HEAT + which offers enhanced server capabilities, introduces versions which may be used in various countries and is available in six languages. More information on the software and how to gain access to it will be published here shortly.



Cities adopt eco-friendly street lights

Cities are embarking on improving the street lighting system in their cities by replacing the old conventional street lamps with new-age light emitting diodes (LEDs) to reduce power consumption and control carbon emissions. The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has decided to install eco-friendly light fixtures in several of the city’s arterial roads. Gurgaon’s Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency has also announced plans to install solar-powered LED streetlights on all major roads. Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation has joined hands with a private lending arm of the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), to assist in switching to LEDs.

Surat city to generate electricity from solid waste

Surat is the first city in the Gujarat state to generate electricity from solid waste. The Surat Municipal Corporation has invited interested companies to produce electricity from municipal solid waste (MSW). This initiative will also help the city with solid waste management as Surat generates about 1,100 metric tonnes of garbage a day.

Master plan for Nagpur

Under MNRE’s Development of Solar Cities programme, ICLEI South Asia has developed a master plan for Nagpur, which was presented at the second stakeholders’ meeting in Nagpur on August 6. The meeting was well attended by city mayors, municipal commissioners, municipal staff and other NGOs. The programme is to urge cities to rely more on renewable energy for their needs.

Coimbatore to be first solar city in Tamil Nadu

Coimbatore is the first city in Tamil Nadu to become a solar city. Under the MNRE’s Solar Cities programme, ICLEI South Asia has developed the city’s master plan, which was presented at the first stakeholders’ meeting in Coimbatore on August 11. The meeting was convened by the Coimbatore Municipal Corporation, and attended by representatives from the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, city officials, and various NGOs. Commissioner T. K. Ponnusamy declared that the Corporation would install a solar cell on its premises to oversee the implementation of the project and create awareness.

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